TRAI DLT Registration for sending Bulk SMS – The Complete Guide

What is DLT?

DLT is the short form for Distributed Ledger Technology – a new blockchain technology adopted by telecom industry as directed by TRAI’s TCCCPR 2018 regulation to primarily control the spam content that’s sent through SMS.

If you want to send sms to Indian mobile numbers DLT account is now mandatory. Before you go ahead and apply, its wise to know how much time each action takes, so you can plan your project accordingly.


DLT ServiceTime taken (approx.)
DLT Registration5 mins
DLT Account Approval (and to get PE ID)5 mins to 48 Working hrs
DLT Header Approval6 to 72 Working hrs
DLT Template Approval6 to 72 Working hrs

DLT Account/header/template approval time

Above mentioned turn-around-time is only approximate and it may vary from time to time for various reasons. GmrSolutions do not have any control on this, however, we will be here to help you through the process.

To speed up approval, consider registering with multiple operators and try submitting different content with different operators.

Note: While creating multiple DLT accounts, your PE ID will remain same and all templates/headers will be synced with each other in realtime. That’s the real advantage of DLT technology.

DLT Registration Process

Register on any of the DLT platforms below by filling in the required information and document. Post receiving Entity ID/Registration ID, please add it in your SMS account: Log in to your account > Settings > Your Profile > Entity ID/Registration ID.

Videocon DLT (
Jio Trueconnect DLT (
Vodafone Idea Ltd DLT (

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