CCTV Security Camera Installation

School security camera systems can help prevent theft, vandalism, illegal alcohol & drug use or exchanges, but also physical or sexual harassment & bullying. Both students and faculty will benefit from the protections afforded by a comprehensive security system. We do commit to give you the most affordable rates available within the industry.

        All of our high-quality security solutions are field-tested, backend by generous warranties and are guaranteed reliable. Our experts are trained to help you with selection, camera placement, system design, troubleshooting on the job, and more. Our friendly, expert technicians are here to help you set up and operate your surveillance system. Lets us help you plan a system to keep your students and faculty safe

Biometric Attendance

We provide Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine, RFID Card Based Attendance System, Biometric Access Control Systems and Face Recognition Attendance Systems. Attendance machines help in automation of attendance of the students/employees and can help in tracking the in and out time of students/employees total work duration, lunch breaks. There are several types of biometric time and attendance machines used in industry. These are low cost and very durable time and attendance machines.

Why Use Biometric Attendance Systems?

  • Integrates To Existing Payroll System
  • Reduce Paper Attendance Management
  • Better Security To Manage Attendance Data
  • Manual Adjustments (By Authorized Personnel Only)
  • Generates Various Reports Based On a Variety Of Criteria
  • Bio time Significantly Reduces Time And Attendance Costs
  • Integrated With School Management Software
  • Biometric Time Attendance Is Very User Friendly And Easy To Use


Type of Attendance Machine

USB Excel Export

  • Display – 2.4 inch TFT True Color LCD 320 x240 Pixels
  • Operation – offline
  • Fingerprint, Password, RF Card Password
  • Report Export USB
  • 1 year warranty by the GMR SOLUTIONS

TCP /IP Export

  • TCP IP Based Biometric Access Control
  • Machine with Capacity of 500 User
  • Fingerprint, Password, RF Card Password
  • Report Export through Lan Connection
  • 1 year warranty by the GMR SOLUTIONS

Face ID + Finger System

  • TCP IP Based Biometric Access Control
  • Machine with Capacity of 1000 User
  • Face + Fingerprint, Password, RF Card Password
  • 1 year warranty by the GMR SOLUTIONS

Vehicle GPS tracking Device

A school bus tracking system gives ability to monitor exact location of buses, how carefully they are being driven, collect information about passenger entrance and exit, route, stops, idle time, speed and much more. With school bus tracking solution improve on-time performance and increase safety. School bus tracking gives access to reports, history, notifications, driver behavior. Analyzing driver behavior is very important to school bus companies, children’s safety and security is the most important. Receive notifications when bus arrives to school territory or excessive speed and aggressive driving was detected. Bus tracking is useful for school managers, parents and kids. School managers will monitor bus route, speed. Parents will know if their kids are present in bus and what is exact bus location, when bus arrives to school, etc…

GPS tracking system has many useful features. Each bus should be equipped with GPS tracker to build safer and brighter future.

GPS Tracking Product

GPS Device IP 65 Waterproof

  • Waterproof IP 65
  • GSM quad-band frequency for globe use
  • Real time tracking location by SMS/GPRS
  • Real time voice monitoring function
  • Over speed alarm / power failure alarm
  • ACC anti-theft alarm
  • Built-in backup to realize power failure alarm